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Updated Tuesday June 30th

Class Lists:

Please know that we have taken your request for next year into consideration, and that we do our best to match up what you ask for with what your child's teacher believes is best for him/her. Our goal of course is to create balanced classrooms for all 460 students in all 18 divisions. Also, as we have multi-age classrooms, and teacher job shares, most of our students have more than one teacher and are in a split-class in their time here at Robb Road. We will always do our best for all of our students. Our tentative lists are not ready to be shared, as there were a couple of changes both today and yesterday as we hear about families moving, and others move into the valley. We will post the lists on Friday September 4th at 4pm.

Staffing Update:

First, we have to congratulate Mr. Johnson, who will be the Principal of Airport Elementary next year! We now know that Mme Adebar will be returing to Robb Road as our Vice-Principal! We also know that in primary, we will have Mme Orr (with Mme Sedunow one day a week) Mme Arsenault, Mme Martin (who will share with Mme Hartman three days a week) Mme Ryan, M. Burdett, Mme Durand, Mme DeCastro, Mme Claveau, Mme McCann, and Mme Lyons (with Mme Sedunow three days a week) In the Intermediate wing, we have Mme Pare, Mme Leith-Mills (who will share one day a week with Mme Adebar) Mme Boisseau (who will share with mme Mohrs three days a week) Mme Yourchik (who will share with Mme Adebar two days a week) Mme McLaughlin (who will share with Mme Mohrs one day a week) Mme Reader, Mme Lacombe, and M. Morin. We are sad to be saying goodbye to Mme Payan, Mme Johnstone, Mme Peatfield, Mme Judith, our Aboriginal Support Worker, and Mme Delage, our primary music teacher. 

Band Program for Next Year

If you are a parent/guardian of a Grade Five student, please see below for a copy of the letter that came home Friday about Band for Grade Six next year. We are fortunate to be one of the schools in the valley with a strong band program under the leadership of Mr Wedel. We want to hear from you if you would like to have your child in Band for grade Six. Please let us know ASAP!

2015-2016 School Supplies

Once again we would like to extend an invitation for you to purchase your school supplies in advance from The Teacher's File.  Please follow the link to purchase either on-line or through a paper form.  Please submit payment to the school office by June 10th

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1000 by 5...

On behalf of the 1000 X 5 team, I would like to thank you for the books you have donated during the school year.  Without your overwhelming support, this valuable program could not be successful.  You will be hearing from us in the fall.

Dianne Bruon, Coordinator;  1000 X 5 

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