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 École Robb Road has fallen to 5th place.  We need to climb back to 4th place or higher in order to win any extra money! 

Grand Prize: $20,000 Outdoor Classroom
Second Place Prize: $5,000
Third Place Prize: $3,000
Fourth Place Prize: $2,000
Fifth – Tenth Place Prize: $1,000

 Students need help registering to vote during the morning recess (10:15-10:30am) and lunch recess (11:45am-12:05pm) in the library!  Many of Robb Road's students are not registered and are not voting.  Parents and staff, please help them.  There is a sign up in the front hall of the school.

 It would be fantastic if some families volunteered to gather outside a busy location, such as Costco, Superstore, Farmer's Market... and handed out seed packages to promote voting for École Robb Road!  Please contact Maureen McCann ( for supplies.

 ALL ÉCOLE ROBB ROAD STUDENTS HAVE A SCHOOL EMAIL ADDRESS.  It is their student  For example:  Please help register your child/children to vote!

 Remind all adult voters that they can register to win a $10,000 cash draw!


 What:  École Robb Road principal, David Coats, and vice-principal, Al Johnson, are camping out overnight to show their commitment to the school's outdoor classroom project.
 When:  9pm Tuesday April 22 - 8am Wednesday April 23
 Location:  École Robb Road garden area (proposed outdoor classroom site)
 Who:  Everyone is welcome to come visit their campsite in Wednesday morning before school!
 Why: To promote awareness and excitement in our community about the Majesta Outdoor Classroom competition. 



Ecole Robb Road's first Annual Community Bike Swap was a success!  Thank you to all those who attended, bought, sold and volunteered. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.  The Bike Swap was attended by approximately 300 people and 146 bikes/items were sold, raising over $2,000 for our school's Legacy Projects.  Ecole Robb Road will host the next Community Bike Swap April 2015 and we hope to see you there!  Please see picture below.


Thanks for the Calendar Input - The School Board has approved the proposed calendar for next year. Go to  to have a look.

Ecole Robb Road a national finalist in $20 000 outdoor classroom contest.

Ecole Robb Road has long been proud of the work done in its new garden by the Garden Club, and in particular by the club’s teacher leader, Katie Leith-Mills. Working with a parent, Natasha Taylor, a variety of projects has happened in the two years since the garden was moved to its permanent fenced location. A desire to do more with students outside was expressed, and a need to have students study and learn in the outdoor environment was identified. A number of grants and contests were researched to help supplement funds from both the school and the PAC. One such contest is the Majesta Trees of Knowledge contest. An application was submitted, a video of children explaining why they like to learn outside was created, and last week Ecole Robb Road learned that they had been selected as one of ten finalists across Canada to receive a $20 000 outdoor classroom in the Majesta Trees of Knowledge contest. They are the only school on Vancouver Island to be chosen, and the only public school in British Columbia to make the final round.

As one of ten finalists, they need votes from the public to earn top spot and win the $20,000 outdoor classroom. Canadians over the age of six can vote daily, and those over the age of 19 can enter to win $10,000 from MAJESTA by visiting from April 7 to May 5, 2014.

The Trees of Knowledge competition was launched in 2011 by MAJESTA, in partnership with Tree Canada and Focus on Forests, to help teachers and students experience the benefits of being outdoors. Each year through Trees of Knowledge one Canadian school is awarded a complete, customized outdoor classroom, valued at $20,000. Additional prizes are also awarded to the schools that finish 2nd, 3rd and 4th and for the school that has the most creative idea to rallying support.

The announcement was just made last week, and the team at Ecole Robb Road has lots of planning to do to make the most of this incredible opportunity. More details will be shared with the community through press releases, this website and the school’s Facebook page.

Please see below for additional information: volunteer request and outdoor classroom project poster.


Mr. Coats has been setting out the little orange person with the reminder that the staff parking lot is not intended as a drop off or pick up area. He has been placing it just in front of the six foot post that has a sign on it that says "Staff Parking Only - Not for drop off or pick up." We have had emails from parents about near misses as cars try to leave the back parking lot just as the students are being released. Please do not use the lots on either side of the school. Also, a reminder that there is one spot in front of the bike racks reserved for those who require handicapped parking.  

Allowing us to teach...

A great big thank you to all the parents that are supporting us in moving students towards independence, and for keeping the hours of instruction free from disruptions. Please do not visit your child's class during the day, unless pre-arranged with your child's teacher. Homework, lunches, indoor shoes, and lattés can be dropped at the office, and then we will call them down at an appropriate break. 

We are in need of some help at the Where Abouts program. Please let the office know if you are available and willing to help out on Thursdays - Thanks! 


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