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Updated March 4

Cabane À Sucre and Carnaval

We hope you got your tickets to join us for the annual Cabane à Sucre at École Au Coeur de l'île on March 7th.  The Cabane à Sucre is a french sugar shack full of dancing and music.  Tickets are now sold out. We will need four or five parent volunteers to help with set up around 3pm. Let us know if you are available. This week is our Carnaval Week. Tomorrow the Maple Man returns to the school for a sugaring off, or la tire, a sweet maple treat poured over snow while we learn more about the French Canadian culture. If we could have two parents helping out in shifts that day too, it would help things go so much more smoothly.

Parent Engagement Survey

Please see below for the powerpoint presentation from our School Planning Council that shows where we are in the process, and some of the tabulated results from the survey.

Yours, Anne

Mr. Coats and two former students from Robb Road are performing in Co Val Choristers musical version of the Diary of Anne Frank. It is a powerful story of hope in spite of terrible things happening all around. Evening performances are at 7:30pm, March 20, 21, 26, 27, and 28, with two matinees on March 22nd and 29th at 2:00pm. You can book tickets by calling the Old Church at 250-334-2992, or to save $5 per ticket, we are looking at putting a group together for the Thursday, March 26th show. Let Mr Coats know at if you are interested. This show would be appropriate for students in grade six and up, or younger if you are comfortable talking with them about the subject matter.

Report Card Envelopes...

Do you still have the report envelope from first term? We like to use the same one all year, and so would love to have them back. Your child will bring home the term two report in the week of March 23rd. 

Popsicle Sales Friday afternoons...

Our Grade Six students will be selling popsicles outside on Fridays after school to raise funds for their year end camping trip. Donations are also greatly appreciated if it is too cold for a popsicle!

Parent Satisfaction Survey

We want to thank all of you who filled out the parent engagement survey, and let parents of grade three, four and seven students know that the Ministry of Education's Satisfaction Survey can be found at this link : You can click on the "Direct access to Parent Satisfaction Survey (no logon required.) We are planning a Parent Forum to discuss and dig deeper on Tuesday, March 3rd at 6:30pm in the library. 

Anxiety in Children Webinar

Colleen Clark will be be facilitating this “In the Know” session at Robron Ctr (Campbell River) on Wed., March 11 "Erupting Angst: Understanding the collision between anger and aggression in the world of anxiety.  This is presented by Dr Vanessa Lapointe, Registered Psychologist.   Please see below for a description of this webinar.  If there is an interest from parents who attend this session to have a follow up session to within 2 weeks to help each other explore strategies we can use at home with our kids, she would be happy to make that happen.  This webinar is one hour in length and will be followed by a discussion, and resource sharing time for participants.  I will provide several new resources on anxiety in children/teens for parents/caregivers to take away.  Please share with friends, colleagues, parents, PACs.  While all our “In the Know” sessions are made for parents/caregivers, I welcome anyone from our communities to join us. 

Descriptive:   The experience of anxiety in a growing child is one that constantly moves and shifts.  Often, rather than showing its colours through sadness and tears, anxiety presents with anger and aggression.  It is typically the symptoms of irritability, defiance, and outward OR inward aggression that results in parents in pursuit of supports for themselves/their child.  In this webinar we will explore why anxiety is often expressed through the explosive and/or simmering symptoms of anger and aggression. In knowing these connections, we will be able to position ourselves better to understand the response our children need from us in the face of their erupting angst.  

Date: Wed., March 11     Time:  7- 9 pm (doors open at 6:30 pm)     Place:  Robron Ctr, 740 Robron Rd.,  Campbell River    Thank you to Robron Ctr and SD72 for providing the space and supports needed to make this happen. 

Would you like to learn French too? See the form below for more information....

Study Time with Mme Francoise

We are pleased to tell you that Mme Francoise will be supervising a quiet study/work period every Tuesday after school from 2:30 - 3:30pm in room 123 off the main hall by the library. This is a chance for intermediate students to get caught up on assignments, and is not intended for primary students.

1000 by 5...

There is a large green tote in the front foyer to collect any children's books that your family may be done with. These books are being sorted and delivered to families in need around the valley. Thank you for your support! For more information go to 

No Parking!

Please remember that our parking lots are only for staff to use. Parents using either of our lots for pick up and drop off pose a serious safety concern. Please also check that you are not stopping in front of one of our neighbour's driveways too!

Knitting Circle...

Mondays at lunch students are invited to bring their lunch, some yarn and needles to the library with Mme Pare and Mme Janz. Parents, grandparents, and guardians are invited, and would be very helpful in helping our young learners.

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